Thursday, September 23, 2010

What he Noah

MOMMA....I go ow-side.

No baby not right now.

Puh-weaz Momma I go ow-side.

No, noah we are not going outside...we are leaving to go to school in a minute.

I go ow-side and I no in and ow.....okay I PWOMISE!


MOMMA! because everytime he says this he screams it

Momma...can you turn on da wight in da payroom....cause I a wittle person dat can't weach!"


When you guys come inside I'm going to throw both of you dirty birds in the tub.

No Momma....don't frow us....put us in gent-LY!


Momma....I wove da best momma!


Anonymous said...

Haha too cute. I'm doing my future family planning in your blog :) - I have an almost 11 month old girl, and thinking of the next one. Hope we turn out as great as you guys! Fun blog!

Amy said...

That first one reminded me SO MUCH of my Jackson! Must be a boy thing to absolutely need to go outside...even in 95 degree weather!

Noah is such a sweet little guy;)