Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good news!

You may have previously read that Margot had an MRI scheduled and an appointment with a neurosurgeon.  I know I never specified exactly why that was.  I admit I was a little vague.  Partly because I am the type of person that believes if I don't mention it out loud, or type it for the world to see, it isn't real.  And I did not want it to be real. 

Margot was born with a sacral dimple, it was noted on her birth-day and then followed up on every well baby visit since.  At her 6 month check-up her pediatrician thought it was time we took a closer look at it and referred us on to a neurosurgeon who ordered an MRI before we saw him.  We weren't expecting anything since Margot was moving her legs and had good muscle tone, but we needed to have this test done and see a neurosurgeon to look over scans so that he could rule out spina bifida and spina bifida occulta.  And just reading the possibilities and could be's were scary enough....enough to worry this momma to death.

On Monday Margot had an MRI of her lower spine.  She required anesthesia to do this since she had to remain still for approximately 35 minutes.  She did great, but it was tough to see my baby so groggy and cranky afterwards.  We then had to wait until Thursday to get the results from the neurosurgeon.  The wait was unbearable, probably some of the worst days of my life.  It's amazing the places your mind can take you while you wait.  I needed to know Monday afternoon whether or not something was going on.  Each day my worries grew a new head and got a lot bigger.  By Thursday morning, when I was sitting in the neurosurgeon's office waiting for him to come in with the results I was ready to vomit all over.   It was the longest three days of my life.

 I am happy to say, her results came back perfect.  Her spine is perfect and normal.  It ends right where it is supposed to and her sacral dimple is just that a dimple.  A very deep dimple that we can't see the end of, but it is a dimple and absolutely nothing more.  We are completely grateful and have been celebrating the good news since.  And we thank all of you who have prayed for our sweet baby girl.  There are no words to express how thankful and happy we are and how much we appreciate it.

To celebrate we had cookies and milk Friday night, Margot even got an Oreo. 

Hmmm, what is this?

Dad are you sure this is for me?  Isn't it normally just for the bigs?

Hmmm, it's not so bad.

It taste a little sweet, mom....just like me.

Let me get another little taste.

Noah you do know what you are talking about.....I love it too!

This is some good stuff....I'm going to enter a sugar induced high at any moment!

Mom I may be addicted like my brother....this is really good shit.

Can I have oreos every night?


Southern Girl and family said...

So glad for you guys and sweet Margot! Your captions make me laugh out loud!! Love the Oreo and Margot's faces!! :)

Jeremy said...

Yay! Margot, I like to celebrate with chocolate too!!

Blair said...

Yay for such wonderful news! I had tears in my eyes the entire post!

And we love Oreos over here too. I think she deserves one everynight, don't you? Those pictures are just precious!