Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Margot's First Birthday Party....better late then never

Okay this post is a whole lot of late, but here it is.  We celebrated Margot's first birthday party with a couple of celebrations this year.   First we had dinner and cake for her birthday at home.  I cooked her favorite meal and got her a cake and petit fors.  She loved them!

Here is my beautiful girl on her birthday.

She was very generous with her petit fors....for that her brother and sister were grateful.

but she did do her fair share of damage to them.

After cake we opened gifts and she got her very on wheels.....I think she was a tad disappointed it wasn't a power wheels.

That weekend we threw a big party to celebrate.  Because it is not everyday you get to celebrate your baby's first birthday.  We invited a few close friends and family to help us sing.

I did lots of decorating to turn Mimi's pool into a magical first birthday.  Margot's Aunt Lei Lei, Aunt Carrie and Mimi helped out a lot too!

Friends and family starting arriving and everyone jumped right in the pool.  There was lots of splashing, good food, laughter and plenty of Popsicles and balloons.  Even the birthday girl had fun swimming.

After an hour or so we made the birthday girl get out to sing.  She was not happy.  It was almost naptime and she had just spent a long time in the sun.  I know it's cliche' but...."It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"

Josh explained to her that after we sang she was going to get to eat that cake.  This calmed her down a little.

After a little taste of the cake.....

she pushed me away and went back for more....

then she tried to take it away from Josh....

With that we put her on the ground with it and she got right to it....

After cake everyone swam again until the party was over.  Margot went down for a nap before her party ended and when she awoke we opened a few gifts with the few friends and family who hung around.

Although she was way more into the cupcakes then the gifts.

The caboose is one....I'm still trying to figure out where the year went.

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