Saturday, March 31, 2012

Meet Zoe...our new pet.

This past weekend, Meredith came running into the house after spending the morning outside with her dad telling me to come meet her new pet Zoe.  I had no idea what she was talking about because Josh had put the kibosh on any more living things under our roof some time ago.  So I went out and was shocked to see she was talking about a caterpillar....And holding it.  I don't like bugs, birds, caterpillars or any other creature that lives outside unless it is domesticated or at the zoo.  

I admired this new pet from a distance and re-iterated that she was to live in her home outside.

Here is the habitat that Meredith constructed herself with a little help from her dear old Dad.

She put the flowers in to make it pretty. And we researched what we needed to put in her condo with her to keep her belly full.

Everyday she ran home to check on Zoe and hold her and "play" with her.  She swung on the swing with her and would take her afternoon snack outside to share with her too.  In fact she was the one that noticed the bite marks on the leaves, It was really neat to see how much she ate each day.

Meredith grew very attached to her new friend Zoe and I was shocked by how well she took care of her.  She checked on her every morning, after school and before bed.  So you can imagine the horror after about a week when she came home from school and rushed to see Zoe after forgetting to check on her one morning and saw this...

She knew that Zoe was in the process of becoming a beautiful moth/butterfly, but it still didn't ease the pain of losing her caterpillar.  Zoe is still in a cocoon in her box on the back porch.  We still check on her everyday.  No moth yet, and Meredith is still sad.  I was picking up around the house one day when I found this...

This is the end 
of you Zoe
I'm going to miss 
you too
(her and Zoe)
I miss you

Hopefully we can update you all soon on Zoe's transformation.

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