Saturday, November 10, 2007

The best things in life.....

I always remember the saying...."the best things in life are free" and it is so true. Some of the best things in my life are....

- my family - you can't replace them, they get on your nerves and make you want to scream, but they love you no matter what and I love them
- kisses from Meredith! I love them, I don't think I could go a day without them. She doesn't give them to just anyone either, which makes them all the more special
- hearing meredith sing when she thinks no one is listening. It is so cute.
- hearing josh sing to meredith when he bathes her and puts her to bed
- the kisses I get blown as Josh carries her up the steps to bed.
- the kisses she blows to Josh as he leaves her room for the night after he tucks her in.
- seeing Meredith smile.
- Josh coming home from work and all three of us (meredith, brownie and myself) running to the back door to see him
- the hugs that we have now named "the best kind" those are rarely given out and rarely to anyone but mom and dad!
- listening to her say "mmmhmmm!" when she sees something she really wants
- her little "luv u" it can melt a grown man's heart, I have seen it happen
- the snuggle time I get at night and first thing in the morning.
- hearing her cry out for mommy when she is waking up or scared and knowing that I can comfort her
- the way my kisses can make her feel all better, I wish that would be true for the rest of her life
- laying in bed at night next to my wonderful hubby and with brownie on my feet and meredith asleep in her crib and knowing that there is nothing more I could want in life and that i have never been happier.

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