Monday, November 12, 2007

Good hygiene & people skills

We think good hygiene skills are pretty important so we started practicing good hygiene with Meredith hoping it is something she gets used to doing and likes doing.... like when we brush our teeth, she does with a little assistance; when we comb our hair, we comb hers; when we put on deoderant, we let her pretend to as well; when we take a bath or shower she automatically assumes she gets to get in too, even if it will be her 3rd bath or shower for the day. So yes I think she is started to learn the importance of those skills.

As for people skills, I read somewhere that you should never force your kids to do anything with their body they don't want. So I know it takes her a while to warm up, so I don't force her to hug and kiss people hello, I may suggest it, but ultimately it is up to her and she will do it if and when she wants. I also don't make her go to people she doesn't feel comfortable until she does. Our newest thing is talking! She also is learning to talk on phones and over the computer, but again she does this only when she wants and I don't force her too.

Well this morning she was practicing both of those skills with Josh. As I came in our bedroom from doing some laundry, Josh was brushing his teeth for work and Meredith was sitting in brownies dog bed, brushing her teeth with one hand and talking on her princess cell phone with the other, with her toothbrush in her mouth actively brushing! Now that ladies and gentlemen is talent!

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Rocky said...

What hair is Josh combing? The last time I checked the top of his head looked like the top of mine!