Friday, November 16, 2007

A cheap trip to see Mickey Mouse!

Meredith has recently become interested in Mickey Mouse (Mit-ee Mouse) and Cinderella (Sin-a-wella). She has a Mickey Mouse doll of mine that she has been playing with for a few weeks now and several princess dolls from her Aunt Sabrina. She is all about that crazy mouse though. Well today I took her to Chuck-e-Cheese with her little friend Ian and his mom Caryn. Partly because I am soaking up every bit of meredith time as an only child that I have left.....partly because I missed hanging out with Caryn (adult time is essential)....partly because I really wanted pizza for lunch. So we pull up to the mall and get out and Meredith is holding my hand and walking through the parking lot so excited and points to the big mouse on the sign and says Mit-ee Mouse! Mit-ee Mouse! To which Caryn responded...."well this is a pretty cheap trip to Disney World!" My thoughts exactly, guess we can hold out on the real thing a little while longer!

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