Thursday, November 1, 2007

Top 10 things about being preggo!!!

Okay I don't want to scare those of you who haven't had children, I mean Meredith & Noah will need cousins (lots of them). So to follow up to yesterdays post, here is the....

Top 10 things about being preggo....
10. You get a whole new wardrobe! and at first you think it is fun to buy and wear maternity clothes!
9. You get lots of attention even from total strangers.
8. People often let you cut in line for the potty.
7. You have an excuse to nap during the day.
6. If you are married to the world's greatest husband, he will run to Krispy Kreme 3-4 nights a week for hot donuts and OJ.
5. People give up their seats for you, well some do!
4. You do have the excuse of eating for two.
3. People actually praise you for gaining weight.
2. Your skin & hair will be fabulous.
1. You will hold the most miraculous thing in your arms after 9 months! There aren't even words to describe it!!!!

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