Saturday, November 3, 2007

Trick or Treat

I fully intended on having Meredith's halloween pictures up on here by now, but with being sick and losing my camera that hasn't happened yet! I will find it and post them soon. Meredith did thoroughly enjoy trick or treating though. We started off in our neighborhood, she rode in her wagon and would get out when we got to a house and knock on the door with her daddy, jack-o-lantern bucket in hand! She then would say the cutest "twick-tweat" you have ever heard! At the first few houses she wanted to give the people the candy out of her bucket, but she quickly learned that she could pick out candy out of their bowl and put it in her bucket. She had her first taste of candy this halloween, suckers & M&Ms are a huge hit with her! We went to a friends house to continue our trick or treating, she loved every minute of it! People thought she was the cutest bumble bee ever! The next few mornings, she only wanted candy for breakfast,lunch and dinner, that is when Josh and I figured we had to lose the halloween paraphenalia and the buckets, dont' be silly we kept the candy for ourselves, we just hid it!

Pictures coming soon!

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