Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brother and Sisterly love...

Today I ran a few errands by myself. We ran to the Mail Center to ship off a package for my business and there was such a long line inside that I took them both in with me. I took Meredith out first and put her on the sidewalk and told her to stay right there while I got Noah out. She did, she stood there watching me and didn't move. When we met her on the sidewalk she said "less go." And into the mail center we went. There were several people in there all adoring both Meredith and Noah. I got several "you have your hands full" comments, as well as..."wow, they are really close" and even a "what were you thinking???" comment. I just politely smiled and nodded. As I was talking to the cashier, Noah started crying, Meredith marched right over to him and gently started rocking his carrier saying "its otay, its otay....don't cry bubby!" She then looked up at me and said "bubby, want out!" and she then tried to unbuckle him and take him out. My heart melted, she has become such a good big sister (when she wants to be). When I was finished I picked up the carrier and told Meredith "let's go!" She ran ahead of me to the door to try and open it for us. Again she waited on the sidewalk until I put Noah back in the car, and then when I shut his door...she smiled that devious grin and took off on a sprint towards the parking lot street! Little booger!

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