Wednesday, January 16, 2008

our lesson for the day.....sharing

This morning I was in the kitchen making some chicken salad for lunch, when Meredith marched in with Elmo. She put Elmo on a bar stool and told him to "sit". She then climbed up on the other bar stool by herself. She looked at me and said...

"Mama, nana pee-ze!"

So I got her a banana and asked if she wanted me to peel it for her.

"uh-huh! pee-ze" (I have learned that with a toddler you always have to ask.)

I gave her the banana and then she looked at me and said..........

"mama, Melmo nana."

So I asked her if Elmo wanted a banana too.


I then told her she would have to share her banana with Elmo.

She kindly looked at Elmo and said.....

"no nana, Melmo!"

And that was that! I think she is picking up on the sharing thing.

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