Saturday, January 26, 2008

Men, can't live with em....

So I have been a little stressed lately. You know with a baptism and making sure the house is cleaned, making sure we have enough food, my father-in-law coming to visit and Josh's sister who he has not seen since highschool coming over too. I know...... how I mentally made it to the weekend is beyond me.

Anyway our car is worse than a disaster and the sad news is, it stays that way. So I begged my husband to clean it since people were getting in it and needed to climb in past the carseats to the back. I really was not sure anyone would make it to the back without falling into the deep, dark hole containing sippies, cheerios, dirty diapers and everything else that sometimes never makes it out the car. Let's face it after I get two kids, my purse and a diaper bag out, I rarely have energy or time to go back and get anything else.

So he went and cleaned it as I put the tikes down for naps and finished last minute things before we had to head to the train depot to pick up our guest in the van. It took him a mere 5 minutes to clean it out. Part of me was impressed he did it so quickly and part of me felt guilty....if it only took him 5 minutes surely I could find time each day to clean it out. I quickly got over the guilt and started loading the tikes back into the car. As I opened Noah's side the van I got a quick glance of the car. It was not clean.....there were still dirty diapers in it, meredith's empty lunch pail from Monday, ribbons from presents, sippy cups all over, and much, much more. It did not even appear a little clean, it was definitely better....but clean is not a word I would have used to describe it's current condition. The shit, was now just shoved under the front seats to make a path to the back seat. It did look cleaner, but the car was not in fact clean. No wonder it only took him 5 mintues....all my guilt was now gone. (did I mention he drives a little luxury sports car that is always clean, while I drive a loser cruiser...I am hoping my mentioning this will make you feel a little bit bad for me!)

So as he opened Meredith's side the van to put her in, here is the conversation that transpired....

"honey, I thought you cleaned out the car?"

"I did"

"You did? really?"

"yeah, why?" asked buddy

"uhm, what about the diaper and the lunch pail on the floor and all these sippies?"


"right there on the floor in front of you?"

"yeah I thought that lunch pail stayed in here"

"Really?!?! do you think I pack her lunch from the pantry in the van?"

"well I thought maybe you packed it with snacks for dinner tonight?"

"Yeah, because how many other times have we brought a LUNCH PAIL full of snacks with us to dinner?????"


"Yeah that is what I thought.....Just get in!"

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