Monday, January 28, 2008

She wants her cake and she wants to eat it too

So Meredith has become quite the parrot lately. Do not say anything you do not want her to repeat or at least try to. My favorite new word of hers is her name. She is so cute when she says it. Let's face it Meredith is a really hard name to say. Most people would not know she was saying her own name if I did not tell them. And when you here it, it is so funny you want to laugh and make her say it again. But my smart cookie does not like to be laughed at, so if you do she will shut down and she will not say it again. She does not like to say it on command either, she will say it when she wants and only when she wants. Today at lunch this is what she said.....

"Mommy lunch, Miz-zit lunch" while pointing at our lunches

"yep that is right, this is Mommy's lunch and that is Meredith's lunch!"

"Mommy juice, Miz-zit juice!" while pointing to the cups of water

"Yep that is Mommy's water and Meredith's water"

"Mommy cack, Miz-zit cack!!!!" while pointing to the leftover cake in the cake box from Noah's christening

"Do you want some cake Meredith?"

"uh-huh....uh-huh mommy!"

Like I said she is a girl that knows what she wants!

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