Monday, January 28, 2008

My Father-in-law came to town...

Well I have to say overall it was not that bad. I mean he stayed at the hotel Josh's sister was staying at and not at my home so overall it was pretty damn good now that I think about it. He really is not a bad man, he has done some things in the past that have hurt and while I am trying to fogive they are still impossible to forget. I like to hold on to things, healthy or not I do it. But since that all happened a few years ago, he has gotten better. He is still like a kid when he comes over, you have to wait on him and clean up after him, but overall he is bearable.

Or at least he would be if someone would break his damn camera. Yeah basically my FIL has two hands, and in those hands he has a cameral glued to each one. He takes pictures of everything and if he is not taking a snap shot he is videoing it. He has videoed me in labor (until I grabbed my husband by the neck and told him I would break his neck if he didn't break his dad's camera), he has videoed birthday parties, Meredith dancing, people eating, baptismal invitations, Josh making a hot dog (with commentary) and many, many more. While most things are appropriate to video, some are really absurd.

This visit was the same as always. Two hands, two cameras. Although this time he did not try to stop the mass to take the "perfect shot", he did not knock anyone over during communion to take the "perfect shot", he did not jump up on the altar to take the "perfect shot" and although he did literally step on a few toes, no one was really injured.

The good new is my sister-in-law is really normal and sweet! I hope she comes back to visit real soon!

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NH Yocal said...

I guess we all have those in-laws; they drive you nuts one way or another. Except in my case, it is my mother-in-law. I could create a whole blog around her (but I won't). Anyway, it sounds like you survived which is great!