Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pay the lady!

So last night we ran to "Tah-get" - yes it is sad, my toddler knows exactly where this place is. I have been in withdrawals. With 2 it is much harder to get there and much harder to peruse the store like I love to do. But last night my hubby was in tow, so we did some perusing. Unfortunately it was very close to bed time, which makes for a cranky toddler. I was insistent on getting the most out of my visit, I was not going home early. So I did what any good mother who wants to stay at target longer would do, I bribed her. My first tactic was on the $1 shelves, elmo barretts, rings and stick on earrings. My second attempt was a baby doll, very cute but we already have 10. My third attemp was a $2 ball so we threw it in the buggy with the mantra "if you stay in your seat you can get the......" Fill in ball in this case.

As we were heading over to housewares I remembered we needed milk and there was no way after going home from target and getting two kids in to pjs, nursing one and getting them both to sleep I was going to go back out to the grocery. Josh offered, but I needed so many things that I decided to just grab some at target and head to the grocery in the morning. My bribery attempt at keeping Meredith in her seat was wearing off and fast. I needed some new material. Then I remember that she LOVES food, bribe her with food, that will work.

Yay more target time. Then we hit the food section and I remembered that we needed: pop tarts, oatmeal, milk and many other things that somehow wound up in our buggy. So this is how the rest of the night went:

"Look Meredith Woody & Buzz applejuice! If you stay in your seat we can get these juice bottles."

"Mizit juice...o'en!"

"No we have to pay the lady first."

"pay da lady"

"Yep, we have to pay the lady first."

"Ooooh Oreos!"

"mizit rio, mizit rio!"

"No we have to pay the lady first" as I toss the oreos into the buggy

"pay da lady"

"Uh-huh we have to pay the lady before we can eat them."

"Oh look mizit, pop tarts what kind do you want?"

"Mizit pop karks! o'en, o'en" making really drastic open signs with her hands

"No we have to the pay the lady first"

"pay da lady"


"pay da lady mama"

"That is right we have to pay the lady first."

This conversation went on and on with various food items....pop tarts, brownie bites, crackers, oreos, ice cream sandwiches, sausage biscuits, cheerios, and candy! I had a new mantra.

By the time we left target Mizit was happily chanting "pay da lady, pay da lady!" She loved the nice woman at the checkout, she was her hero. She even got to eat a reese's peanut butter egg on the way to the car after we "paid da lady!"

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