Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my splurge!

I am addicted to this stuff.....so good. I have not introduced it to Meredith, but I did introduce it to Josh a few weeks ago. I bought one little box of the lite gourmet bites in creamy swiss and told him that they were all individually wrapped to enjoy one at a time. Not 5 or 10! That is not what they were meant for. I explained how it is all about portion control. How you have to savor the taste...it is a treat. So each day I would sneak to the fridge when two little toddler eyes were not watching and grab one. Then I could not help myself and I would go back for one or two or three or heck five or six more. Then I would delve into my delicious treat. When Josh came home and noticed how many were missing, he asked with a puzzled look"I thought you could only have 1 at a time, like a treat?" Exactly YOU can only have one at a time, me I can eat the whole damn box if I want. I keep the tikes all day. So this time around I went to Sam's and and got the 3 pack of round containers that contain the big triangles of the creamy swiss....oh melt in my mouth baby. And yes, I am sharing them with my hubby! They are fantastic on top of whole grain crackers or just by themselves. Heck you can put these little babies on anything and they would be fantastic.

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