Monday, February 18, 2008

When did this happen?

Who gave my daughter permission to grow up? She is reaching milestones that I am so not ready for her to reach. She already talks in of her favorites is...."no yike it, mommy!".....and uses a few choice words...."O sit!"....she can even slap her hand on her leg and say...."O llllllauuud!"....just like Mommy!

Today though when we were going down for our regular nap time, she pointed to her big girl bed that is up right next to her crib and said...."mommy, mizit sleep." So I asked if she wanted to sleep in the big girl bed and she said..."uh-huh." So I laid her down got her the blankie and kiss and said goodnight. I fully expected her to get out the bed and come after me. She did not, in fact, 30 minutes later this is what I found.

Onto other big milestones, today I registered her up for Mother's day out--MDO. She starts on Thursday. I was not sure about this, in fact part of me hates it and the other part thinks interaction with other kids will be good for her. We will see. She will be going from 9 - 11:15. She could stay until 1pm, but I am not ready for that yet. Baby steps. I got the call last week, and immediately turned it down. However the incident of her kicking me out of the play area at Chic-fil-a entered my mind and I thought, maybe Meredith would benefit from a playdate with other kiddos and no mommies. So I called back and the spot was still available. So I went in today to let her check it out and register her with an open mind.....if she freaks out, I will turn down the spot and that is that. I carried on like any MDO mommy virgin.

"So my daughter is going to cry Thursday, really loudly okay?!?!"

"Uhm if she cries the whole time, you will call me right?"

"She can cry really loudly...I am fully expecting her to do this."

"She probably won't want to stay Thursday"

"What do I need to bring with her? Oh diapers right...and sippy cups, and her it!"

"So she probably won't like it Thursday, but we will see!"

"Thanks so much, see you Thursday, okay Meredith are you ready to go?"

Meredith busy playing in the classroom....."no mommy no! Mizit pay wit wit kidz"

Yeah I am probably the one who will be crying Thursday....pray for me.

Silently I am still telling myself...."this is a good thing, this is a good thing!"


Tracy THE PAR said...

Just wait until she turns 16..ask Dr. Maksi how I have freaked out for the past few months about Dustin, and the whole teenage thing! I called my mother and cried and said..."I signed up for BABIES!!!!! NOT TEENS" I WANTED A BABY! Guess what they grow up! I can remember when he had a Lion King Blanket!!!

The Owen Family said...

So funny! Yet that was sooo me with Thomas! I was a nervous wreck. He did great, by the way! I remember driving and doing my errands wondering what he was doing, if he was crying, what if he falls on the 2 foot high slide and breaks his arm, what if they give him grapes and he chokes! So guess what I did, just like any other CRAZY overprotective mom. I wrote them notes that said, watch him extra carefully on the baby slide and one that said he may choke on grapes so cut them in quarters. But each time you take them, the anxiety is less and less and then you are finally having fun, enjoying your break, getting things done. You can do it! It is so worth if for you and her. But if you can't, don't worry just go pick her up. I did that too! I would pick him up early!

Jaimie said...

They grow up fast Mama. I'm registering Taylor next month. Can't believe how big our ladies are getting!

Jess said...

I bet she will do great! They do get older and surprise us with how "big" they are all of a sudden, don't they? I bet I will be in your boat in about 7 months or so....

Blair said...

It will be OK. I LOVE my time when Charlotte is at Mommy's day out. She has fun. Interacts with other kids. Does crafts. Way more fun than just hanging out with me and Frances.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I can tell she gets really bored with just me to interact with. So, it is a good thing. Even though it is really hard on both of you in the beginning!