Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sexism at its worst!

Today at Target, Meredith got her first dose of discrimination against women. It was not a huge deal and one she probably will not remember, but she felt so passionate about it this morning....her heart was just crushed. We were cruising through the baby section picking up diapers for Noah, getting some more shampoo and baby bath, and just checking things out....when we stumbled across big girl and boy underpants.

Now we are not exactly potty training hard core, but we are trying. One in diapers is enough for me. So we stumble across some big girl panties and big boy undies in the same little section. They have tons of characters.....Curious George, Hello Kitty, Disney Princesses, Elmo, Abby Cadabby and many more. Meredith is amazed.

"Meredith do you want some big girl panties?"

"uh-huh mommy!"

"Are you going to use the big girl potty if we get some panties?"

"uh-huh!" I know this is a lie - we have princess panties at home and they don't work, but hell I'll get more and try!

"What kind do you want?"

She takes a good minute looking them all over, even pointing to a few so I can hand them to her to get a closer look. Finally she shouts.....

"Suuuuuwwwweck! Suuuuuwwwweck!"

I notice at the very top on the left hand side is two packs of boy's undies with Shrek on them. There are no girl's Shrek panties.

"Baby, there aren't any girl's Shrek panties!"

"Peee-ze mommy Suuuuwwwweck!" pointing to the top left corner with a huge grin

"Sweetie those Shreck undies are for boys - they don't have any girl's with shrek on it"

"Suuuuwwwweck for boys!"

"Yeah baby those are for boys."

"Suuuuwwweck for Miz-it!" followed by crocodile tears.

"I know sweetie, you want some Shrek panties and they don't have any for girls -- It Is Not Fair!" I said this loudly as I gently rubbed her back and cuddled her close while giving the male target employee on the same ailse as us a dirty look. I know he does not make the undies and panties, but my baby was crushed it was the only thing I could do that made me feel better.

We headed home with some Curious George and My Little Pony panties. They were poor substitutes for Shrek.

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