Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ballet and gymnastics

I call it gymnastics and she calls it ballet! Either way she looks damn cute in the tights and leotard. That makes it worth the money I forked over for the outfit and the classes each month!!!!

Ready to go to ballet....notice who is in her hands.....they go everywhere I tell ya!
And because the outfit is even cuter from the back!
Jumping on the trampoline.
Walking on the balance beam.
Waiting her turn. This is such a hard concept for a 23 month old, but this class is really great at helping her to learn those skills. She has a green circle she carries around and has to sit on and wait her turn. They have numbers and they take turns in that order.
Her and her friend Grace after class, Grace is in her MDO class too!

After ballet we went to mimi's where she got a prize. Fairy wings, a wand and a crown, they make the leotard and tights complete. Now we just need our tu-tu!

And from the back because it is so cute!Being a fairy and playing with Mimi and Poppa's flowers!