Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sounds from meredith's room this morning

"Woody, Woody!"

"Woody, Woody where are you!"

"Woody, I can find you!"

"Woody! Woody!"

"Jesse where Woody?"

"I no know"

"Dare you are! Dare you are woody!"

"it otay woody!, it otay!

"woody be tareful"

and I hear some smooching going on, not sure who is kissing who!

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The Owen Family said...

A Disney trip is a must for little Mizit! We loooove Woody and Jessie and Buzz over here too. We have about 10 Buzz Lightyears over here and all the characters too. I can't wait for her party!!! Thomas said the most horrifying thing to his sunday school teacher about a year ago about his "Woody". He said, "You know what I got? I got a woody!" She said she was in shock at first b/c well she thought he meant the other kind of woody. She said wondered what in the world we had been teaching him! Then she remembered good ole Woody from Toy Story and felt much better. The loved telling us that story after church. So funny!