Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Woody, Jesse & the Roundup Crew...

See Woody waving to you and sassy little Jesse with her hands on her hips! Yes then next to Woody is Bullseye, then Bo Peep, next to her is the little alien (who we call baby shrek), then Buzz Lightyear, then over in the corner is Zurg (who we always tell to Be Nice Zurg!), then next to Jesse is dinosaur. She carries all 8 of these guys around everywhere. They often sleep in my bedroom armoire, or hide in her little tikes fridge, or get pushed around in their stroller (her little tikes shopping cart). They all go outside to play, not at the same time she often pics and chooses. Zurg goes to time out more than he cares to! And little Shrek is often left sleeping in his bed, she leaves a blanket down for him. She also bathes with these guys and carries them to restaurants in her purse (a clear plastic bag that is way to big.) I will get action pics of all of this for you visualize.

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