Monday, March 17, 2008

Do you know where woody is?..... I do!

Today Meredith woke up bright and early and read to Woody and Jesse in her bed for a good 45 minutes. Finally she was ready to get out of bed and join me in mine to snuggle. Woody and Jesse also came to snuggle with us. They go everywhere remember. This morning we were in a bit of a hurry since we had to get ready for Mommy and Me and the Easter Party and Egg hunt. So Woody and Jesse did not get breakfast this morning, like they usually do. As we were leaving I noticed that Jesse was lying alone on the sofa. I asked Meredith where Woody was and she said "I no know". But she did not seem worried or yell "find him" like she normally does, so I left it be. When we got home, only Jesse went down for a nap with her. Again she did not ask for Woody to join them as she normally does. I started getting worried, but not too worried since we do have a back up set. Did I mention these little suckers are only about 2 inches tall and easy to lose.

When Meredith woke up from her nap Jesse came down with her and had a snack. Still no Woody to be found. Bedtime came around and Jesse went up to bed with Meredith and she finally asked for Woody. I had no idea where he was. I had been looking since we got home today. I was not scrounging the house for him, but keeping an eye open if you know what I mean. No Woody. As I tucked her in I told her I would find him and bring him up. On the way downstairs with Josh, I told him I had no clue where he was. She normally knows exactly where he is and I was a little panicked and would have to "really" look for him.

When I got downstairs, Noah and I grabbed a snack and headed to my bed. I got some delicious Laughing Cow Swiss and my wheat thins and Noah got a little breast milk. I nursed Noah, gave him to Josh and then dove into my wheat thins and cheese. As I stuck my hand in the box of wheat thins.....I realized what I had just did.....I had found him. Apparently his lack of a nutritious breakfast had left Woody very hungry and he dove into some wheat thins when I was not looking. I am sure Meredith dove right in with him.

I had found him just like I said I would and now I will bring him up to bed with her, just like I said I would.


Jaimie said...

Can we please have a pic of Woody and Jesse??? These seem to be interesting little caracters! That is hysterical that you found them in the box. Too funny!

Angela said...

Are woody and jessy from toy story? I'm having a hard time placing these characters....I agree, we need a picture!