Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Can't do it all

My house may always be messy, but at least I can make a damn mean veal picatta!

I must brag, it was that good. Sorry to all you vegans or vegetarians or anyone else who thinks eating a baby cow is was good, damn good.

I never thought I could do something that sophisticated...I mean veal picatta. That is definitely something you order at a restaurant...not make in your kitchen. I used a South Beach Cookbook as my jumping off point. Unfortunately I did not have all the ingredients so I substituted and made up things and went along with my own plan like I knew what the hell I was doing. And guess what it tasted fabulous and we have yet to die from food poisoning.

It does not matter that I served this veal picatta with a box macaroni and cheese. Hey I have a 23 month old what do you expect? I also paired it with a $2 bag of frozen veggies. I mean veal picatta for 2 people under $10....that is unheard of!

If you need my recipe just ask...I will be waiting by the phone for a call from the Food network...I imagine they will be calling me about hosting my own show when they hear how good this veal picatta was!

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