Friday, March 28, 2008

Poor little Noah...did I say little?

My little guy went for his 4 month well baby visit yesterday. Or at least it was supposed to be a well baby visit. My poor guy STILL has bilateral ear infections. He received his 3rd round of antibiotics to help cure those pesky ears that are still red and pussy and full of fluid. I feel awful for him. We go back in two weeks to check it all out again, keep your fingers crossed.

I say my little Noah, but my big boy weighed in right under 16lbs. Way to grow Noah. He is in the 50%tile for height and he has a big head 75%tile, which is not surprising given that everyone in our family has a big head (oh yes we do....big brains!)

He also got 3 shots and a dose of the Rota Teq vaccine. This all happened about 10am and by 2pm we were having loads of fun. He was in so much pain and wailing at the top of his poor little lungs. Poor thing was crying so hard he was shaking and could not catch a breath....and this went on for hours. It was the most heart-breaking cry ever. Anytime you moved him, touched him or looked at him he let out a scream so loud Brownie and Meredith were looking at him funny. I wound up calling the on call nurse who gave me wonderful advice....ride it out. And that is exactly what we eardrums are still ringing.

By 10pm he had settled down, he had screamed himself into and exhaustive coma. He woke up bright and early at 5am to pass loads of gas and fill up his size 3 diaper. You could see the word relief written on his face. Thank you Rota Teq! I am pretty sure that was the culprit yesterday, but with ear infections and injections who knows.

Today we are much better....smiling and cooing as usual. Mean shots, I am not going to tell him we have to go back in 2 more months for more fun!


Blair said...

poor baby. Did you try infant tylenol? Our ped said we could give Frannie 0.4 (1/4 a dose) to her around shot time. It really helps ease the pain.
I hope his ears clear up soon.

Adalyn's World Views said...

Poor baby. He was breaking my heart hearing him cry. I should have went and rocked him for you.

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