Sunday, March 23, 2008

I promise we are still around....

We are! We are!

We had lots of fun plans this weekend....Lots!

Dying Easter eggs Friday, an Easter egg hunt with friends Saturday, the bunny Sunday morning and then cousin Connor's baptism! It was going to be a really fun, busy weekend.....but.....

Yes, you knew there was a but coming!

Meredith got a fever and Noah got double ear infections! And Josh spent the weekend at the hospital...why must people get sick on Easter?

Instead of dying eggs Friday with Adalyn and Burke, we went to Target with fever (hides in shame!) and then home for a long nap, lots of Tylenol and a countdown to when dad got home from work. Then at 4pm when Josh got home...the fever was 103.5 so we had a fun filled Friday night at the pediatric clinic during their after hours. We had an appointment for Meredith at 6:30pm, we tried to make one for Noah and they just said the doc would check him out with Meredith.

Meredith went in looking grim and came out with no meds, no real diagnosis, and a take some Tylenol and call me in the morning if the fever spikes up again.

Noah went in with a smile and came out with bilateral ear infections, a new round of new antibiotics and me feeling like an awful mommy for not knowing. Although I did have a feeling, which is why I tried to make a smiling baby who had no fever an appointment.

So in a nutshell we spent the weekend holed up in our house. We did have an egg hunt in our backyard Saturday morning and we did dye eggs Saturday night. The bunny did come with lots of toys (like we needed more) and he did bring they beloved Woody and Jess. He also brought Noah a really neat train that Meredith just loves too pieces!

Thankfully the weekend is over and my kids are hopefully on the mend!

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