Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pay da lady....take 2

So tonight we went window shopping at ToysRus! I know what a dumb, dumb parenting decision. Josh and I learned two very valuable lessons on this window shopping adventure.

1. You CANNOT reason with a 2 year old.

2. I CANNOT window shop.

So we went browsing, to see what great things the Easter bunny may bring. He has not done his shopping yet....slacker. So we walk in and Josh walks right past the buggies, uhmmmm hello ....get one please. So he does, and says ...

"I thought we were just browsing?"

Yeah okay!

So we walk in I get some egg dye stuff for tomorrow, an Easter basket for No-wee and then head to the coveted Woody and Jesse doll. These are a little bit bigger than the other's she carries around. Mimi had previously scoped them out and told me about them so after dinner I decided we all needed a trip out the house and were going to see Woody and Jesse. We were not going to buy them tonight. The bunny was not going to buy them tonight. We were only window shopping. My almost 2 year old would get this right? Right? Come on...right? Yeah I do not know what the hell I was thinking either.

So we walk up to them, it takes a minute for her little brain to process what it is she actually sees sitting on the shelf in front of her. She rushes up to the shelf grabs one off, wraps her chubby little arms around it and looks at me with the sweetest brown eyes and says....

"Pay da lady momma!"

And that folks was that! The really fun and exciting part was when we had to take them away and tell her the Easter bunny may bring them by this weekend if she was a good little girl. Yeah we were smoking crack alright. I do not know what we were thinking, but we were in agreement that it was a bad, very bad parenting decision. Two year olds cannot windo shop, do not expect them to.

So we left with our egg dye, Noah's easter basket, two fisher price items since they were on sale by one get one free and NO woody and Jesse doll.

Yes the Easter bunny is running by tomorrow on his lunch break to pick up the dolls, we are not that mean!

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