Thursday, March 20, 2008

This post was brought to you today by....

the letter P.

the number 50.

and the word Angry!

Did you watch your Sesame Street today? I did. And the word of the day was definitely angry and that is how I am feeling about today. It started last year when someone from the other organization I belong to called to ask me to host a meeting at my house this year for around 50 women on a Thursday morning.

"ugh...I guess so....I mean I don't have one of those fanchy-smanchy houses it is just you know my house."

"that's fine, which date do you want....october 16th, november 20th or march 20th?"

"uhmmm March 20th, I am due to have my baby at the end of november, so definitely march, that should give me sometime to get back to normal....right?"

"wow you are having a baby, well thanks for doing this, see you march 20th!"

"yeah your I had a choice" it was then I realized I was on the phone by myself.

Fast forward to March...

"honey, that meeting is this month and you HAVE TO....clean the flower beds, pressure wash the driveway and porches, we need new this and new that and can we just move to a fancier smancier house?"

I don't remember exactly what his response was but it was along the lines of...."what the hell is wrong with you woman?"

"Gosh we can't!....Okay then do the stuff on the list, and we need Easter decorations for the tables, and new plants for the planters and new thises and thats! and yeah and we might need those silver cups that everyone in the town has for parties....what are they....oh mint julep cups....right, can we get 100 or so of those?"

again see the above response

"Okay well then we will deal with what we got, I will stress and re-stress out over this for months and weeks, I will drive you bananas the weeks before to the point you are slamming pots of plants across the back patio and wishing it were tiny old me and then we will use some choice words with one another and not does that sound! great! maybe I should volunteer to host again next year."

Fast forward to monday the week of the said meeting...

"So hi I am Mandi, the meeting is at my house this week (I am a dreading this like there is no tomorrow) and I was wondering if you had plans for plates and cups and what not, because I don't have china for 50 nor do I have those silver mint julep cups!"


"uhmmm....... no the meeting is this week, March 20th, I have it written in red and circled about 15 times and have been stressing and dreading this day for over 6 months! and that is what it says in the book that was printed out months ago and that is the day I agreed to" (okay I didn't say the last part but wanted to!)


"no I haven't been to a meeting since October, remember I had a baby and yeah I just didn't make any meetings after october."


"Nope, no one called to tell me they were moving the meeting until next week. Not one person called to see if that would be okay. And really I can't have it next week because I have prior commitments for next Thursday morning that I can't break." and I do, I really really do!

"alrighty then -- just let me know what you guys decide to do!"

and that was that! I am not real sure what I was thinking.

Fast forward to Monday evening....

"Hi mandi, it's so and so. I spoke with so and so and she decided to just have it next week at her house since we announced it at the last two meetings, so now you don't have to worry or stress out about it. Sorry about the confusion. So and So said she announced it at the last two meeting and I told her you haven't been because you had just had a baby and all. This is probably works out better for you anyway. Sorry about that!"

"Thanks for letting me know."

UGH! Yeah works out for the best .....after hundreds of dollars worth of decorations and plants and such I probably would not have bought otherwise. And after my husband taking the morning off work to drop Meredith off at MDO and after months and months of undue stress. Sure no problem....yes today I am feeling angry!

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Jess said...

Haha! Too funny. Hey at least you can take a deep breath and shop for mint julep cups at your leisure. :)