Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You know you are a mom when...

- Wal-mart by yourself is Mom's day out and a lot of fun!

- when you are at Wal-Mart by yourself you notice you are still carrying a diaper bag sans kids.

- Fine dining is now Chuck-E-Cheese

- You got out to eat with other adults who do not have young children and you scarf down you food before they have even taken a second bite.

- You got to write out a check and all you have in your diaper bag to write with is a crayon.

- A mini-van is what you drive and secretly you love it!

- All of the movies you watch lately are PG.

- You seriously have gone a whole day without brushing your teeth, I know disgusting!

- Showers are luxuries, showers without someone pounding on the shower door to get in is pretty much unheard of!

- You begin to wonder if Elmo's voice is real or if it really hurts the man who is behind the voice to sound that irritating all day.

- Your hear other moms on the playground talking about which Wiggle they think is the cutest and you agree it is definitely Greg.

- The only songs in your head lately come from Sesame Street, Wiggles, Barney or some other irritating group.

- You can wrestle a toddler into a car seat while holding a baby.

- You love every bit of being a mommy!


Jess said...

I must disagree.... the cutest Wiggle is by far Anthony. :)

The Owen Family said...

I am with you on Greg!!! He is the one I would marry if I had to marry a Wiggle!!! ha!!! So funny!!! Anthony's dance moves are not as fine tuned as Gregs. I love that list, cuz it is soooooo true!!!!