Wednesday, March 5, 2008

tumbling, shaking and all that jazz

Today Meredith started a little tumbling class at a local gymnastics gym. It is a little dance with a little tumbling. There are five little girls in the class and really what cute be cuter than 5 toddlers in little tights and leotards. I was a little nervous about how the day would go, and so was Meredith. As we walked in she started with her MDO routine, crying, wanting to be held and the repeating "mommy be back! mommy be back!"

So I explained we were both going to stay and Noah would too and she would dance with the other little girls. We took off her shoes and my shoes and we joined the other moms on the mat. Noah came too in his bucket seat. She went and sat in a circle and I left Noah on the sidelines with the other moms about 15 feet away and joined Meredith. They did a little introductions, a little circle time and stretching and then they started shaking their little booties. At this point she was having too much fun to see if I was still there. She would do the activity, stand up and say "Yay!" and then run around to sit back in her spot and right up against the young teacher. After about 15 minutes she turned to me put her hand up and said "back, back, back mommy." So I obliged and went back to Noah and the other mothers. Ten minutes later she noticed all the other girls had on ballet shoes or were barefoot, she pulled off her socks, brought them to me and said "feet" and then ran back to her circle. She then finished the class by herself and was so proud.

After class we ran out and got ballet shoes, leotards and tights like the other girls, we will go back again next week. The damn outfits were more than the classes! What a sucker I am.


Blair said...

oh honey, this is just the beginnging of expensive accesories for your beauty! college fund? how about dress-up fund!
girls rock!

Jaimie said...


The Owen Family said...

I sooo need a little girl b/c that is just right up my alley...a dance class with leotards!!! how cute!! Definitely post some pictures.