Friday, April 4, 2008

They all axed for you!

So tomorrow we are headed down to the Audubon Zoo. Yep, it is my birthday tomorrow and that is what I want to do, take my kids to the zoo with my husband. Sadly it will be the first time we have done this, so the first time Meredith will see and elephant, a monkey, a giraffe and all the other wonderful animals our tiny zoo does not have. So yes tomorrow I can sing....

I went on down to the Audubon zoo and they all axed for you.

The monkeys axed, the tigers axed and the elephants axed me too!

(oh and I did not spell asked me wrong, I did axed on purpose. Because if you know anyone from New Orleans, you would know they do not ask, they ax you!)

Oh hell I am butchering the song....just listen to it here!

Gosh I love this song, reminds me of home and Mardi Gras and everything else New Orlenas.


Jess said...

We really have to get down there ourselves...have fun! Happy Birthday!!

The Owen Family said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Post some pics when you get back!

Olivia said...

Happy Birthday Mandi--we went in January and I know Meredith will love it too. I miss Louisiana too. We need to have a cajun food night and cook everything Louisiana and eat til our hearts are content. (I make a mean gumbo and bread pudding) Have a great birthday.

Jaimie said... I have that song stuck in my head! I forgot all about it until now. I miss LA soooo much! Oh Hum!!!

Have a wonderful, fantastic day today and enjoy your 21st bday. Oh wait...we aren't 19 anymore. WOW that was 10 years ago. :-)

Love ya!

Adalyn's World Views said...

hAVE A GREAT DAY! I know meredith will love it.

Blair said...

hope you had a great birthday!