Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A visit with my buddy!

Today Meredith's friend Ian and his family came over to visit and have dinner. They moved about an hour away from here in January. I was heartbroken and so was Meredith. She was used to seeing Ian each week! And she asked for him everyday for about a month after their move. She still calls little boys with blond hair "E" wherever we go. It was so good to see them, but it was really great to see Meredith play with her old pal "E". She loves E or Ian (the name his parents gave him, but Meredith is good at making up new ones.) Anyway these two have been friends for a very long time. Well since they were born. Have you seen that commercial were the moms are eating on the sofa and talking about how great the playdate is and how the kids are really loving it and then you see them sleeping in their infant carriers? Well that was Meredith and Ian. They have been having playdates since before they can remember and Caryn and I have always loved them.

Today Meredith got to show Ian her new slide and Ian got to show Meredith his bwuda - who is so adorably chunky! They also played in the toy room and ran around acting "silly." Caryn and I also got to catch up while the guys ran errands and picked up food. It was fun, we really miss them! And we are so bummed that Ty and Noah will not have all those quality infant seat playdates! I miss ya Caryn!

Ian and Meredith January 2007
Ian and Meredith last month! I think they look a little different!

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