Tuesday, April 15, 2008

She is my daughter...

Today when we got home Meredith wanted to go slide, not unusual....she always wants to slide. Unfortunately for her it was nap time so no slides. When she woke up, her dad walked in and he asked if she wanted to go and slide! Of course she did, she always wants to slide.

So she put on her pants and her socks and shoes and then her dad brought in her jacket. It is a little chilly here so yes she needed a light jacket. The very same jacket that she tried to put on 2 weeks ago in 80 degree weather. The very same jacket that she wore all fall, winter and spring. The very same jacket that has the attached hat that she LOVES. Yes that cute, pink windbreaker that I paid way too much for at Gap.

So once she was properly dressed, she went outside to slide with her dad. I stayed inside to begin dinner with Noah.

2 seconds later, in came Josh and Meredith. Meredith had tears flowing down her cheeks and was sobbing.

"What's wrong?"

"Meredith doesn't want to wear the jacket, so I said no jacket....no slide!"

"Really? She didn't want to wear the jacket?


"Is she already that stubborn that she would rather come inside than wear damn jacket!"

"Yep, I have no idea who she gets it from."

"Me either" laughing to myself

She is now inside happily playing in her toy room.

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