Sunday, May 4, 2008

A busy day of nothing to do...

So today my husband and I decided to get some much needed stuff done around the house. His honey do list is a mile long and the one he made for himself is even longer. Yesterday we ran errands and went to a friends for dinner, so today was catch up day.

My toddler woke up screaming for donuts....there was no getting away with not getting them this weekend....we get them every weekend and she is only 2 but knows this. So our journey started bright and early. We got donuts, picked up our caterpillars that will hopefully turn into butterflies (a project our stay at home mom's group is doing) and then headed home for a nice relaxing day at home to do you know the household things.

We trimmed the shrubs, folded some clothes, I played with my new stationery graphics (click here to see the new designs), cleaned out cars and ate some Popsicles. About 12:30 we came in to grab lunch and put the kiddos down for naps.....then it was back to work.

About 1ish the phone mom was upset and needed Josh darling dad had fell again. This time from a ladder, so we called our lifesaver neighbor who came and sat with Meredith and to the emergency room we all went. He is fine.....he took a good fall....he had a CT and we are awaiting the results. I came home with Noah to relieve my neighbor and Josh and my mom are still in the ER. He was talking and moving, while laying on the bed with a collar thing mom says he has more lives than a cat....I believer her.

I will keep you all updated....he did this 3 years ago this month actually. He fell off the roof of our old home in New Orleans.....I know what was that man thinking!

Well I will keep you updated....say a little prayer for the man with 9 lives.


Jess said...

Oh no! I hope he is alright. Sending good thoughts his way.

The Owen Family said...

Glad he is okay now! I was worried about him.

Shannon said...

Well, my goodness! I hope he's feeling a little better today and back to 100% really soon.