Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm not from the bayou, but.....

Cajun night was awesome!

Olivia was brave enough to invite us and another couple with a toddler over for dinner. It was delicious. Like all good folks from South Louisiana we had plenty of God it was good. Olivia made a kick ass gumbo, roux and all. I made my easy and delicious shrimp pasta and Jessica made a damn good bread pudding with a white chocolate sauce. Oh the sauce was heavenly.

We started off with happy hour, the kids played in a sandbox and the adults had Abita strawberry beer. We then munched on some appetizers and finished it off with cajun food. I helped myself to seconds....I probably put away more than my husband.

The kids had fun too, it was great. We decided to do this once a month, I hope we stick to it.

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