Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just when I thought I could not go any longer....

I hit a new realm of exhaustion. Seriously, it is amazing how little sleep the human body can survive on. For the past week I have dealt with vomit, crying at night, sleepless nights, tantrums and pure grouchiness. Today both the tikes were in great moods, but last night Noah decided that sleeping was way overrated. I think he was up every hour.

So today I was hell bent and determined to get out the house, it did not matter how tired or sleep deprived I was or that I was flying solo since my hubby was working. We had been home too many days in a row and we were all going stir crazy. We hit the zoo this morning and then out to lunch. Luckily Josh was able to meet us for both and the place we chose to dine had a spacewalk for the kids to jump on and the police department was there taking fingerprints/DNA/and other important info in case your children are ever lost or abducted. Definitely not something I want to think about, but glad we had the opportunity to take care of it.

Then we came home and Meredith asked me if she could go nap and she did for over 4 hours! I know what the hell? The time totally slipped by, I normally would NEVER let her sleep that long. Well at least not if I wanted her to sleep again that night. So while she did that instead of sleeping myself..... I cleaned the kitchen drawers and cabinets with a freakin' vacuum cleaner. I don't know where I got the crack I am smoking lately.....don't ask.

After the nap I cooked dinner, which was awful and no one ate. It wasn't an easy recipe either. Then we played outside went for a walk around the block ate a second and better meal that Josh brought home for us. And finally the tikes are tucked into bed.

What I didn't mention was I am so tired....
powdered donuts were considered dinner, because I was too tired to argue and a bath consisted of the visible dirt being wiped away with a washcloth. I fed Noah dinner at 7:30 hoping that would help him to sleep some. I also considered having Meredith put Noah to bed and letting them stay up as long as they pleased as long as it meant I got some sleep. Yeah I didn't think the last one would fly either.

Happy sleeps peeps! Well at least one can hope.

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