Friday, May 23, 2008

Dear Mr. UPS man....

Thank you for delivering my packages in a timely manner. And thank you for not losing any like you did last year, I really appreciate that. I also appreciate the way you carry them all the way to the door and then chunk them on my porch. Thanks. Perhaps it is my big brown dog that scares you, I know her bark is a lot tougher than her bite, unless you were to break in of course. You truly are an outstanding UPS man, but for the love of all things holy in the world.....COULD YOU NOT RING THE FREAKING DOORBELL DURING NAP TIME! It is my saving grace nap time and week after week you fuck it all up for me!

the lovely house you throw things at!


Shannon said...

Too funny!

Olivia said...

Man, the stupid Post Office person does that at my house during nap. Do you think they would be surprised if I tackled them one day on their way from the truck to my doorbell. Guard the nap--it is precious--I totally understand.

Paper + Ink Studio said...

I feel your pain. I freakin' hate the UPS man. Apparently, our guy can't read, either. On our front door is a note taped...please don't ring door sleeping.

He knocks instead. Then the dogs barks.

He might as well have rung the doorbell.