Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm not a hooker...just ignore the red nail polish

The things we do for our children. I tell ya. I hate red finger nail polish, I think it can make you look cheap, trashy, the street walking type. Now that being said, not everyone looks bad with red nail polish. Some people can pull if off, particularly those that have finger nails. I however do not. So I painted my stubs red, UGH, I look like a street walker. I would take it off, but my 2 year old loves it. Let me explain.....

I do not normally wear makeup of any kind. Not that I hate makeup...I actually love it.... I just have no clue how to put it on. So instead of going around looking like a clown day in and day out, I just choose not to wear it. I hear comments like "you look great with no makeup"....well you haven't really seen me with it....I probably look a hell of a lot better. I just don't know how to apply it. I have attended the Mary Kay classes, been to the clinique counter and had various sessions with my sister and friends. All of them know how to do the makeup thing. Me not so much. In fact people can hardly believe that I am the person in my wedding picture. Yes I have had people tell me that they had no idea it was me.....who else would be in the picture hanging on my wall with my husband. Anyway my point of no makeup brings me to red nail polish. It isn't natural for someone who does no makeup to walk around with red nail polish, but here I am......plain face with red stubs.

It started Monday when Meredith begged me to draw her toenails and fingernails red. So I thought okay, sure and this will be a great time to take away the pacifier, bribing her with a little nail polish.

"Mommy draw toes?" Sure we can paint your toes like Mommy' nail polish on your toenails...totally or not. So I got down and carefully applied polish to my two year old's toes....she wanted to look like her mommy. After I finished I reapplied some to my toes to cover the chips and cracks on my on toenails.

"Mommy draw fingers?"

"No sweetheart no fingers." that makes you look like a hooker....I so wanted to say that, but she is a parrot these days.

"Peeez mommy, draw fingers"

"No Mizit only big girls have their finger nails painted, you're too little"

"Mizzie big gurl"

"No, Mizzie still has a paci, Mizzie a baby"

"No pass, Mizzie big gurl"

"Well if you give me your paci to go bye-bye I will paint your fingernails"

"Otay mommy " hands me the paci "draw fingers" and she set her hand with her fingers wide right in front of me.

So in the hopes of taking the pacifier away I painted her fingernails red. It didn't work too well. She got sick and got it back that night.

After I finished her fingernails she wanted to do mine.

"Draw mommy's fingers?"

"No....mommy doesn't like her finger nails painted"

"DRAW Mommy's fingers......yike Mizzie"

So I did, and then I realized Josh had dumped over the finger nail polish remover. So yesterday I had to take Noah do the pediatrician's office for his 6 month well baby visit looking like a $2 hooker with my bright red stubs.....the things we do for our children.

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Olivia said...

That is pretty freaking funny.