Monday, May 26, 2008

Missed the boat on that one....

Today Meredith and I were watching her favorite show together, Calliou. I used to hate the show, but after watching it a few times have grown to like Calliou and Clifford for that matter. They actually try to teach lessons....sharing....being nice....being polite....etc.

So in the particular episode we were watching, Calliou did not get his way and decided to throw himself on the bathroom floor kicking and screaming. I was pretty all my Calliou watching days I had never seen him throw such a tantrum. His dad just stepped over him and proceeded to go on with other activities to distract him and not give in. Calliou continued to throw his fit and eventually got over it and they were all happy again.

I thought wow, this actually applies to us now. So I decided to use today's episode as a teaching tool....

"Meredith look Calliou was mad and he threw a fit."

"Calliou mad....he cwies"

"See he was kicking and screaming and being mad!"

"Calliou is sad, momma!"

"Yep, see he was being bad because his dad told him No"

"Uh huh......NO, NO DADDY.....BE NICE TO CALLIOU!"

Oh well, I will continue to try.

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Shannon said...

That's funny! Jax used to love Calliou, but I had to put a stop to our viewing because like you said, even though there's always a message, Jax would never get it. He'd see Calliou acting like a brat and pick up all the negatives without understanding the end lesson for the episode. Rather than try to rationalize things with a 2 year old, we changed over to the Disney channel. Too funny that Meredith is going through the same thing. Good to know it's not just my kid that was corrupted by Calliou! ; )