Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Yellow Pudding

Oh the yellow pudding...I am sure our neighbors are all sitting home tonight saying "Why don't they just give that child a yellow pudding!"

Tonight during our nightly jaunt around the block, Meredith declared that she wanted "yellow poods" (the word poods rhymes with hoods).

She did not ask, she did not say "May I...", she just declared in her very declaring voice that she wanted "yellow poods!"......"I wan yellow poods MAMA!"

So I said Meredith you are being sassy....how do we ask? And to that I got a screaming reply of "YELLOW POODS!" Yes ladies and gentlemen, I was pretty sure tonight that we had created a monster. So I told her no pudding until she asked nicely. Mind you we are walking around the block at the time. Well Josh and I are walking, her and Noah are in their new ride.

So she then says nicely...."Mama yellow poods peeze!"

"Oh Meredith good job asking please! You can have a yellow pudding when we get home!"

We had just started our walk and believe it or not I don't carry yellow pudding around with me. We still had the whole circle which is about 1/2 mile to go. The "you can have one when we get home" answer was not what my 2 year old wanted to hear and with that answer she unleashed an ugly beast. For the rest of the 1/2 mile trek she screamed "yellow pood!" at the top of her little lungs....which are very impressive.

She then started to kick and she scream and carried on in a way that I just wanted to climb under a rock and hide. Luckily she was belted in or we could have had some major head injuries from the thrashing she would have done on the pavement. Yes....it was that bad my friends..... Meredith's little world as she knew it was crashing down. How dare her parents now produce the yellow pudding on demand.

And this went on until we reached our driveway....at which point I asked Josh if he wanted to go again. And we did. Another 1/2 mile lap. My little terror continued to carry on with her beastly behavior on the 2nd lap as well. Poor Noah, he didn't know what the hell was going on. He just relaxed on his side the Cadillac laid back listening to the three headed monster next to him.

I am proud to say that I stood my ground, when we got home. I didn't fetch the yellow pudding. Instead I carried her little crying butt all the way upstairs and threw her on her bed where I proceeded to undress her and then Noah for their baths. At that point the frown was turned upside down as she sang the "naked baby" song and danced with Noah on the bed.

Yellow pudding....what yellow pudding!

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