Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last week while Josh was out of town, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to go and visit cousin Connor. So we packed up the loser cruiser and headed back to Louisiana! Connor is two months younger than Noah, but just as tall if not taller. He is also almost crawling....Noah just looked at him and said "it's okay I like being stationary!"

Here is the Connor man!
Three cousins....we are in for a world of trouble!
All Meredith wanted to do was hold baby Connor...it was love!
Playing with Connor's cool toys.
Yeah Connor...your toys are cool, but your arm rocks!
Woohoo we got big sister's toys......Oh Mizit! Look what I got!
Meredith loved Connor, but she really loved his dog Carter! She wanted to bring him home.
Wait mom.....he can't leave....we are having a slumber party! You girls go, we are just fine without you!

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Shannon said...

Those boys are gonna' be torturing Meredith in a couple of years!