Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Her office

Meredith finally got an office.....that is all the child wanted was an office.

Periodically during the day you will hear her mumble something and then it follows with...."bye mom going to my office!" Then she goes and finds a spot in her playroom where she colors and draws for thirty or so minutes.

So her Nannie got her an office. She picked up an old funky school desk from the preschool that my mom taught at and we attended as kids. No kidding this desk is probably the exact desk I sat in some twenty something years ago....along with kids for twenty or so years before me. It was funky, but Leigh sanded it down and then painted it and sealed it! Walla a brand new shiny purple/green/light blue desk...meredith now has a kick ass office!

Momma my new office....she was beaming!

Putting her books in the bottom....don't you remember doing that? My sister even stenciled in the alphabet on top...she put a lot of work into it. Thanks Leigh!
Meredith wurkin in her new office! She loves that desk.


Jaimie said...

I'm so impressed Leigh!!! Sooo cute!

mandi said...

Isn't it!