Thursday, June 26, 2008

It used to be so easy....

So tomorrow we are headed out to my hometown to be a tourist. I can't wait. I've been looking forward to this all week. Some good eats, a family shindig and then sightseeing in a town I used to call home. My excitement about our trip came to halt tonight, when I remembered I had to start packing. It used to be easy to throw clothes for two in a bag and jump in the car. Now on top of the clothes for two that I used to pack I have to pack clothes for 2 more. And although their clothes are way smaller than mine, they are way messier and need lots of back=up outfits. I then have to pack baby food, diapers, sippy cups, blankies, toys to cure boredom, snacks, baby wash, diaper rash cream, tylenol and all other things baby. Do you see what I mean? How many baby food containers do I need? How much oatmeal, what I am going to make the oatmeal in? Oh yeah got to remember the plastic baby spoons and a bowl. I am pretty sure our hotel doesn't come equipped with baby feeding gear. I also have to bring dipers and wipes and bibs...yeah don't want to forget the bibs. You know packing for 2 babies for 2 days is work. I am exhausted just thinking about it...I guess I will tackle it in the morning.

At least I don't have to pack and bring Brownie....her dog sitter will be here tomorrow. One thing accomplished.

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