Friday, June 20, 2008

Scheduling a playdate...

This is Meredith and her best friend Adalyn or "adalee" as she sometimes says. Adalyn is Meredith's best friend and will be for years and years to come. Like it or not!

Meredith always wants to play with Adalyn, mainly because her parents are "cool" and let her play with make-up. I often here...."momma go to adalee's house and pay wit make-up!"

Yes....I hear that often!

Tonight, meredith called Adalyn's dad Jeff to schedule a playdate.....

talking on a her pretend cell phone

"Meredith who are you talking to?"

"Miss Jeff"

"Miss Jeff, Adalee come pay?"



"What did Mr. Jeff say?"

"Miss Jeff said another day!"

Oh well.....Miss Jeff must be the party pooper!

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Adalyn's World Views said...

I always wanted to be the cool parent. Send me those pics. I need to print some for her room. They are cute.