Sunday, June 22, 2008

My mom and dad....can't live with 'em.....

Can't live without 'em!

Well if you know me, you know that I probably could not physically live with them again. I like being out on my own. Well as much on my own as I am. See my parents live here in town. Five minutes from door to door. They moved here after Katrina, took their home. I was thrilled, but like all mothers and daughters we do butt heads....a lot. Well I say a lot, but not a lot. I guess as much as moms and daughters do.

Last week I got mad at my mom, because she helped too much. This week I needed her help. I realized how wrong I was last week. Josh has been out of town since Thursday. We are leaving in 10 minutes to pick him up from the airport. While he has been gone, my mom took and became my partner in crime. 2 tikes 2 and under are not easy. One always needs something when the other is having a fit. Is it manageable for one person....definitely. Is it hard work on just one person....hell yeah! But with my mom taking care of my 2 kids while Josh was gone, was breeze. Other than the occasional "I miss my daddy" tears, we had a great time.

With my mom in tow here are some things I didn't have to do....
- I never changed a diaper while she was in the room.
- I never lifted a spoon to feed either tike
- I got a night off of the bedtime routines
- I didn't have to wake up at 5am to get a fussy Noah back to bed
- I didn't have to bathe them
- I didn't have to dress them in the morning
- I didn't lose my freakin' mind with my husband going for 4 1/2 days, in fact I'm not real sure about what I did....hmmm....not sure why I am so exhausted now that I think about it.

Thanks mom and dad! My dad was a big help too....he rocked bubby boy....he played with Meredith. She was trying to tell him the name of all her Toy Story people and he was naming them what he wanted. It was really neat to watch him playing with her. Of course he does have a habit of naming people whatever he wants. We have had our chocolate lab for 4 years and since day 1 her name to us has been Brownie Jane, but to him she has always been Brownie James. If you know my dad, you know this about him.

My mom and I also got to do a lot of girl talk. She told me lots of stories of things that happened when she was growing up. Memories she had of my grandparents, memories of high school, memories of my dad and her dating and memories of us as tiny children.

Thanks mom and dad for all your help this weekend, I could not have done it so smoothly without the two of you!


laurie said...

Thank You!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!

Jaimie said...

I love my adopted parents too! They were always so good to me when we lived together. I'll never forget all the fun times we had. All I have to say to Mama Laurie is "I'M NOT HAPPY!" P.S. I found pics of that night and boy are they funny!!!!