Monday, July 28, 2008

Comments overheard at the Wiggles Concert

"Momma here dey come!"

"Yes baby the Wiggles will be on any minute.....should have been on five minutes ago!"

"Mommy where are da wiggles?"

"Ummmm I'm not sure, maybe the big red car ran out of gas"

Note to the Wiggles: When putting on a concert for an audience that is primarily 2 years of age, please be on time. Two year olds have limited patience, and mothers of tantruming two year olds have even less.


"Did you wet your pull-up?'


"Yes you did, your cars are gone....see your cars disappeared which means you wet your pull-up....your cars disappear when you wet your pull-up.....did you wet your pull-up?"



"Okay go potty"

"Otay......Mommy I pinished"

"Your not finished, you didn't do anything"

"Mommy I pinished"

Bathroom comments are really hilarious at Wiggles concert, I went twice and had many giggles each time.


"Are you watching the Wiggles?"

"Look (insert name of random child), look at the stage, do you see the wiggles?"

"I no want to"

"Are you ready to go?"


No matter how much you pay for tickets you cannot make a 2 year old enjoy the show!


Seriously we had a great time, Aunt Brina had a great time, Nanny had a great time, and Josh and I enjoyed watching both of our children enjoy the Wiggles. The concert did start late, didn't last too long, and made one 2 year old little girl really "cited!" She loved it!

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