Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy, busy weekend

This week Josh's sister has come to stay with us. All Meredith says is Brina, Brina, Brina! It has been so nice having her here to spend time with the kids and Josh for that matter. It has been a long time since he has spent this much time with his sister.

We also started pooping in the big girl potty! Two days in a row. Meredith has been accident free for sometime now. She went all day today without an accident and we had a very busy day with a four hour round trip car ride! Can you say p-o-t-t-y t-r-a-i-n-e-d! We went to see the Wiggles in New Orleans and eat at Arnaud's ..... Yum! I am so proud of my big girl. I think in a few days it will be safe to say we are officially potty trained!

Noah has also decided that he would much rather eat table food than stinky old baby food. Every time we eat he gets so fussy! So tonight I realized he is screaming his head off because he wants a little of what we are eating. When we got home I threw some sloppy joe's together and he was screaming so loud while we were eating, I gave him a bite. To which his whole face lit up and he was screaming for more. He ate several bites of it and loved it! I also found his top tooth teeth are breaking through.......Oh boy, I wasn't ready for this, I had just stocked up on more baby food!

I will post a more in depth post on the Wiggles tomorrow. I wish you all could have seen my 2 year olds face light up, Wow it made it all worth it. And if that didn't make it worth it....I wish you all could have seen my baby sister dancing with her to the Wiggles songs....that definitely made it worth it!

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