Sunday, July 20, 2008

Greek night anyone?

So last night was the third part in our series of dinner club. First was Cajun night, then there was Mexican night, and last night was Greek night. Mhmmm! I had no idea how much I liked Greek food....none. Josh made a kick ass roasted feta and walnut Greek salad and I made hummus. What the hell, we didn't even know what Greek food consisted of much less how to make it. We also sampled some other seriously good Greek food and I must say, I now love it. Josh and I went in with a 10 year old's attitude.....we will taste and sample it then and stop at Mickey D's on the way home for dinner. Sorry, girls I am just way too pick. But on the way home we opted for Brownies from Chickalay instead. Josh and I loved the food and both had seconds. We are Greek food lovers now.

Next month we are doing Great American takeout. I am bringing pizza, we will be dining and swimming at Mimi's pool. Should be fun and full of chaos and kiddos, but hey that's our life now.

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Kmommy said...

mmmm. I love Greek food!! I was especially addicted to feta until I got pregnant the first time. Haven't had it since :(