Monday, July 21, 2008

Moving right along!

Two steps forward and one step back, that's the way it is with kids right?

Here are our latest milestones....
-Noah has a tooth, it has cut through and the second should be here any second
- Meredith is done with diapers and pull-ups....way to go big girl. She is also continuing to refuse to poop despite suppositories and Miralax.
- Noah has started to protest when you take a toy away and boy does he get mad
- Meredith no longer requires oreos or a treat after every tinkle! Loving it!
- Noah can now throw his pacifier a good 2+ feet out of his bed, a sure way to get mom to come back during nap and night, night time
- We have Wiggles tickets for Sunday
- Noah can scoot backwards, this only frustrates him because he is trying so hard to go forwards and get Meredith's toys
- the kids have begun to play together which is sweet and get in fights which is not sweet.....
No-wee mine.....Waaaaaahhhaaaa!...... Mine, mine........ WAAAAHAAAA!...... Mommy dats mine!.......... WAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAA MAMAMAMA............... It is only the beginning
- I am over the laundry being caught up and the house ever being clean again, soon I will give up on dinner as well.

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