Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sometimes I need the reminder

This weekend I was talking with a friend of mine who also has 2 tikes that were under the age of 2, once upon a time. Her children are approximately the same ages as my 2. About 27months and 8months. We were discussing how easy it is to forget that our oldest are still babies.

Sometimes I know that I expect too much out of my 2 year old. Some days I expect her to know what I mean, or get what I am saying, or pick up her toys, or quit whining or share with her brother. Things that if she were my one and only I would see differently, things I don't think I would expect because she would be "just a baby."

I am sure the fact that she has the vocabulary and verbal skills of a 4 year old doesn't help either. People are always amazed when they find out she is only 2. The fact that she is incredibly smart and independent and listens pretty well most of the time also let's me forget that she is only two.

Today we were playing in Noah's room after their naps. Meredith was being the little mommy and telling Noah to "play gentle" and showing him how to play with the toys and trying to teach him to crawl. It was so funny to see so much of myself coming out in her. Then she pulled something out of his hands and I quickly told her not to be rough with Noah because he was "just a baby" and she was real quick to reply with "but I just a baby too mommy."

Yes sweet heart you are, sometimes Mommy needs to be reminded of that. Thank you!

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Esme said...

What a wise little girl you have there! I really related to this post. Five is just 20 months old, but we constantly forget that he's a baby and that Four, at 3 1/2, isn't much older, really. I don't want to wish these baby days away -- as hard as they can be, they do go by too fast...