Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I never said she wasn't smart

I had Noah in one arm and was toting him around when Meredith asked me to hold her. Sure, you can have the other arm/hip....I am after all supermom. I just don't wear the cape everyday. But Meredith had other plans....

"No momma hold Mizzie"

"Okay let me get you"

"No mommy, put No-wee down"

"No baby, I have to hold Noah too, see one arm for Noah and one arm for Meredith"

"No mommy give No-wee to daddy....dat's my arm" pointing to the arm I was carrying Noah in


And an update, potty training is going surprisingly well. We were on a roll last week and then she got sick. As soon as she felt better and we stayed home longer than 5 minutes, she picked right up where we left off. As long as we are home she will go on the potty all day. We just need to work on going in public....any advice???


The Owen Family said...

YAY for Meredith!!! Smart girl!!!

Adalyn's World Views said...

Whatever you do, DO NOT let an automatic toliet go off while she is sitting on the potty. It can be bad, bad, bad.